Clever Fish


Nic Sowerby

Nicola Sowerby

Nic set up Clever Fish in 2016, after sixteen happy years teaching and as a senior leader at Cayman Prep & High School. As Clever Fish has grown, Nic now is responsible for the administration and finance of Clever Fish.

Steph Rasmussen

Stephanie Rasmussen

Steph is the school’s head-teacher. In addition to her teaching commitments, Steph is responsible for the day to day running of Clever Fish.

Andrew Roberts

Andrew Roberts

Andy is the school’s deputy head-teacher. In addition to being Head of English he is responsible for teaching, learning and assessment.

Mel Wright

Melanie Wright

Mel is our school SENCo and pastoral welfare and guidance lead. In addition, Mel is our Primary Child Protection Officer.

Alex Frazer

Alexander Frazer

Alex is Head of PE & Games and is responsible for overseeing our house system.

William Noiles

William Noiles

Will is Head of Science

Kirsten Anthony

Kirsten Anthony

Kirsten is head of Maths

Annette copy

Annette Neil