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CF School offers full time education for high school students in Years 7 - 11.

We are a small, friendly school with a family atmosphere. We have no religious affiliation and welcome all students openly.

CF School follows a British based curriculum leading to IGCSEs and A Levels. Our focus is personal well being and happiness, coupled with high standards of teaching and learning. The development of the ‘whole child’ is essential. We have created a family atmosphere where genuine care is shown to one another and where the celebration of each other’s achievements is valued. Our moto, ‘Work hard, Be kind’ is central to all we do.

We are an extremely small school of only 30 students. This is a deliberate choice. We understand that some students do not thrive in a larger, typical high school. This is not due to their academic potential but rather that they require a much smaller, individualised approach to their education. This is what we do well. We employ 8 full time teachers who are experienced subject specialists and all have a proven track record of success at IGCSE and A Level. We couple high standards of teaching and learning with a relaxed, caring, supportive, nurturing environment and our successes speak for themselves.

In Years 7, 8 and 9 students follow a balanced curriculum ensuring they have a strong foundation to enter Year 10 where they will begin their Cambridge IGCSE courses. Year 10 and 11 students take IGCSEs in English Literature, English Language, Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics and Latin. Currently they can then choose from Business Studies, Travel & Tourism, Geography and Physical Education (theory as well as practical). Our first class of Year 11s sat their IGCSE examinations in Summer 2021 and were awarded top grades in all subjects. All students achieved a higher level A*-C grade with 50% of students gaining A*/A grades in all subjects.

All of our students study Latin. Whilst they very much enjoy this subject, research shows a direct link in performance between the study of Latin and improvement in English. Once more, the results speak for themselves, not only are our students achieving in Latin but their English skills are vastly improved.

We recognise that a growth mindset is essential for success and we work closely with our students to help them see this for themselves. Some students who join us have not seen success in larger schools, some have never failed and are scared to do so. We work to develop resilience in all of our students, an essential skill needed to succeed in life.

CF School employs a full time SENCo (Special Educational Needs Co-ordinator). Their role is to ensure that any child with an identified learning need receives all provisions required to support their learning, Our SENCo works closely with our teachers to ensure that suitable provision is made in the classroom and that targets for learning are set, monitored and conquered.

As our facilities are small, we are not able to offer PE lessons on site. Like many other local schools we utilise the facilities and coaches of the island. Students participate in cricket, volleyball, football, baseball, swimming, athletics and pickle ball to name a few. Drama, Music and Art are taught on a rotation and if required we utilise facilities such as the Drama Society or National Gallery.

  • Tuition for Year 7, 8 and 9 is CI$1500 per month, payable from Sept 1st – June 1st of each school year.
  • Tuition for Year 10 and 11 is CI$1650 per month, payable from Sept 1st – June 1st of each school year.

For details on available school places and to find out more please email us

We will ask that your child completes CAT4 (Cognitive Abilities Test) with us to ensure they can see success in our academically rigorous curriculum. It would be disingenuous of us to accept a child who could not.

All CF uniforms can be ordered online directly with Lands’ End school uniform link by clicking here.


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